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Messenger System on 2One-Designs
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Hey guys, iam working on the messenger system of 2One-Designs. Its a way buggy, cause it isnt finished yet. So please dont wonder, if it looks a bit crazy.

Welcome to version 6!
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Welcome to my new version of 2one-designs.de - v6! How you can see, its a way bigger and with more structure. I've kicked out the portfolio, because, the templates area shows enough of my work.

I havent used bootstrap yet, but I should, I know. Thats why Iam still waiting for the new version of webspell. After theyr releae, I will use bootstrap too for the upcoming templates.

I hope you like t... Read More

and we are waiting

I know, my last news post was a few month ago, but Iam still waiting for the new Webspell Version, to release new templates, with this version. It makes no sense, to build up new templates for the "actually" version, when in a few days, weeks, months a new version will be released.

I dont know the exact date, I hope its soon, to give you new and fresh templates. Till then...stay tuned. Read More

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